Ufc Interested In Bobby Lashley

According to WWE, Hall-of-Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be the host of Tough Enough, which is a show put on by the company to find the future stars of professional wrestling.

I am wwe supercard cheats with several questions: First, The IRS did not charge Charlie interest on his shortfall payments. That is even a better deal than the Federal Reserve has for Banks & Wall Street. Secondly, they also waived any & all penalties for noncompliance. Only Americans who admit using a Swiss bank account to hide taxable income get that deal!

Today, wwe finally released Matt Hardy from his contract after weeks of internet drama all produced by Hardy himself. The company made their regular post online about the release.

Because the skill discrepancy in this match up is widely known, Ellenberger is currently set at a +275 underdog. In spite of this incentive, a bet on Ellenberger is probably a waste of money. Condit will take home the win by second round TKO.

Maybe we didn’t chase Charlie because Gitmo was filled up by President Bush. It is our only warm weather country club prison. We must remember Charlie has property in the area. Funny he always forgot at tax time. Now our new prize wining President is closing Gitmo, out of beds for special people. Charlie the chair can write a special law to allow prizes given away as gifts to be written off as a tax credit.

Hardy even after shameful online videos like this one, is still the biggest star in TNA. Yet Morgan is one solid challenger. Anderson who got injured by Hardy with a chair, could lean towards to Morgan…or at least that is what we are lead to believe. A double-swerve with Anderson joining Immortal and turning on Morgan, would be another chapter in TNA’s history of dumb story lines.

My bonus hold in this wrestling event is this – will my grandkids’ history books share Goodtime Charlie’s story as a reason they each are paying off a million dollar debit card?

Hazel Reed

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